Auto Accidents



Getting back into the swing of school is always an adjustment for kids, parents and all drivers on the road.  Each fall in the United States, over 50 million children attend school and almost 15 % of these kids either walk or ride their bikes to and from school.  Roads are more congested especially around schools and school drop off…read more →

Should I Get Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Should I Get Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Most auto insurance agencies offer a coverage option for accidents with an uninsured (or underinsured) motorist. While it is a legal requirement as a motorist to be insured, this doesn’t mean it’s safe to assume that the other driver will have sufficient insurance, if any insurance at all. In the event of a serious accident, things like medical bills, lost…read more →

A Green Light Doesn’t Always Mean It is Safe To Proceed

A Green Light Doesn’t Always Mean It is Safe To Proceed

Los Angeles City Attorney candidate, and former State Assemblyman Mike Feuer, who represented Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Beverly Hills and West Hollywood was seriously injured in a car accident on Monday, after his Toyota Prius vehicle was broadsided by a driver of a Chevy Tahoe who ran a red light. The “Jaws of Life” was needed to pull him out…read more →

Carmageddon Returns

Carmageddon Returns

One of the busiest freeway stretches in the United States will be shutting down again for 53 hours on September 29th, 2012. The second phase of the $1-billion upgrade will temporarily shut down the 405 from the 10 to the 101 freeways. The Not-So-Apocolyptic Carmageddon Many predicted that when the freeway was first closed for roadwork last summer that it…read more →

“Zombie Drivers” headed to Coachella – Beware!

The annual pilgrimage that tens of thousands of young music lovers make to the Coachella Music Festival every April may be on a “head-on” collision course with state officials and law enforcement who as part of “Distracted Driving Awareness Month”  are cracking down on what they have nicknamed “Zombie Drivers” who do not pay attention to the road.  I read…read more →

Talking and Texting Causes Accidents

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  This month is dedicated to raise awareness of the dangers associated with distracted driving and to encourage drivers to not talk on cell phones or text while driving. Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows the proportion of fatalities reportedly associated with driver distraction increased from 10 percent in 2005…read more →

Negotiating With Insurance Agencies

After filing a claim with your insurance agency after an accident, you will typically be contacted by a claims adjuster to discuss details on your insurance policy and accident claim. The adjuster assesses your plan’s deductibles, coverage, and other details along with details from the crash and repair expenses to determine your compensation. Adjuster’s often attempt to minimize the amount…read more →

Obtaining Accident-Scene Evidence

Taking the appropriate actions to collect evidence in the event of an accident can add significant value to your legal case Once those in the accident are safe and any other dangers around the scene are extinguished, start collecting as much evidence as possible. While evidence collection is typically the last thing on your mind in the event of an…read more →