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What to Do When You Are In an Accident:

Need an auto accident lawyer in Encino, CA? Typically, the police will not come to the car accident scene and make a report, unless one of the persons involved in the accident complains of injury. Regardless, the parties to an accident are required to exchange pertinent accident information. Experience has shown that people forget to obtain the needed information at the accident scene. Call our local Encino Auto Accident Layer to see if you might have a case. Here is what you should do after a car accident:

  • Obtain the necessary Information – Download or contact our Encino office to obtain this customized accident brochure and accident intake form to assist you in gathering the needed information from the other driver and any witness.
  • Take photos. Keep a digital or disposable camera in your vehicle in order to take photographs of the accident scene, position of the vehicles, damage to the vehicles; skid marks; debris or any obstructions.
  • Do not discuss fault. Only exchange identification, license, registration and insurance information. Do not talk about the accident with anyone except to provide facts requested by the police or highway patrol.
  • If you are injured, accept medical attention.
  • Contact us immediately for a free case evaluation and consultation. You have the right to recover for your injuries and damages. Call (800) 994-4442 for a free evaluation and consultation.


Work with an Experienced Auto Accident Attorney

Having previously been in house counsel for a large insurance company, Frederick Schwartz – Auto Accident Attorney in Encino, CA understands the way the insurance company thinks and operates. He has valuable insight into the mind set and frame of reference of the insurance company’s adjustors and injury lawyers. This gives clients big advantages in the negotiation, litigation and settlement process. Moreover, we understand the priorities of clients when they have been in a car accident, and assist in promptly and properly getting the car or vehicle repaired and fairly estimated; assist in obtaining a rental car; assist when needed in finding good medical care; aggressively seek compensation for such things as loss of wages and earnings, medical costs, injury, pain and suffering.

Car Accidents Cases Increase: Auto Attorneys in Demand

Auto Accidents: Each year, there are over 3 million injuries from vehicle and transportation accidents and approximately 40,000 fatalities. Driving error, fatigue, negligence and alcohol are major causes of accidents. If you are injured in an accident, you may be entitled compensation.

Truck accidents often result in serious and catastrophic injuries, including traumatic brain injuries and in some cases, death. Because of unrealistic schedules and deadlines, semi-truck and tractors- trailer drivers sometimes tend to be aggressive drivers; fail to properly inspect tires, brakes and lights; work and drive illegally long shifts, suffer from fatigue, boredom, distraction such as cell phone use while driving, use or abuse stimulants and drugs to stay awake, fail to install blind spot mirrors resulting in unsafe lane changes, jackknife, and speed.

A big rig traveling at 70 mph has twice as much force as one traveling at 50 mph. Cars are not designed to endure the impact of these 72,000 pound trucks. These trucks also often lack rear and side bumpers. Their high front bumpers often crush car compartments, causing major damage and serious and permanent injury.

SUV rollovers, passenger vans and passenger trucks injure 27,000 people and kill 10,000 people each year. Because of their high center of gravity, when a driver attempts to avoid an emergency with a quick steering movement or when a tire fails, the result is often a total loss of control and a rollover. The roof pillars are not designed to prevent massive crushing resulting in spinal cord injuries traumatic brain injuries and death, even when the driver or passengers are wearing seat belts.