“Zombie Drivers” headed to Coachella – Beware!

The annual pilgrimage that tens of thousands of young music lovers make to the Coachella Music Festival every April may be on a “head-on” collision course with state officials and law enforcement who as part of “Distracted Driving Awareness Month”  are cracking down on what they have nicknamed “Zombie Drivers” who do not pay attention to the road.  I read in April 3, 2012’s Desert Sun’s  (A Ganett Company) on line publication, “My desert.com” that there will be  “zero tolerance” in Coachella for motorists texting or operating hand-held cell phones and violators will be cited. The current minimum ticket is $159, with subsequent tickets costing at least $279. More than 225 agencies and the California Highway Patrol are participating.

The on line article points out that while the statewide awareness campaign focuses primarily on hand-held calls and text messaging,  other distractions while driving include eating, drinking, changing stations on the radio, brushing one’s hair, etc.  The site even posted entertaining videos produced by the California Office of Traffic Safety showing “zombie drivers” being distracted.    Coachella Festival goers enjoy, but beware and be safe.