Adidas adiPure Running Shoe Lawsuits

Adidas adiPure Running Shoe Lawsuits

The Law Office of Frederick S. Schwartz is currently investigating representations made by Adidas claiming their ‘barefoot’ running shoe, adiPure, provides increased health benefits over typical running shoes. Several allegations, including a lawsuit from a New York man who suffered a compound fracture in his foot, argue these shoes actually increase the risk of bruising and foot damage.

With the hype of barefoot running shoes increasing over the last several years, doctors have also seen an increase in foot injuries. While running injuries are fairly common, the substantial lack of padding in barefoot running shoes causes increased strain on your foot and additional pressure on the calf when ‘striking’ the ground during a run. Increased strain can cause anything from tendonitis to more serious bone fractures.

If you’ve purchased a pair of Adidas adiPure ‘barefoot’ running shoes and have suffered an injury as a result, you may be entitled to compensation. The Law Office of Frederick S. Schwartz provides free, no obligation consultation and review of your claim.

The Barefoot Dilemma

First created by Vibram, their FiveFingers barefoot running shoe was designed to encourage improved posture, natural running motion, and increased efficiency.The lightweight shoes have limited padding and arch support as a means of replicating the natural curvature of the foot. Adidas later introduced their own version of the five-toe, barefoot shoe named adiPure.

Both companies have already been involved in lawsuits claiming false advertising and lack of scientific proof backing their supposed benefits. The American Podiatric Medical Association has warned consumers that there is currently no research that justifies the claims of long-term benefits of wearing a barefoot shoe.

Get Legal Representation

If you have purchased a pair of Adidas’ adiPure and have suffered from a foot injury such as bruising, compound fracture, stress fracture, Achilles tendinitis, or other injuries you may have valuable legal rights.

California residents who have purchased adiPures and are interested in pursuing a claim of injury and your legal rights, please contact the Law office of Frederick S. Schwartz for a free, no obligation consultation and review of your claim.