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North Hollywood Attorney Frederick S. Schwartz provides aggressive advocation to those whose rights have been violated or have been injured in an accident. Our office has the experience necessary to represent your case and get you justice.

Receive professional representation for cases regarding consumer fraud, auto accident claims, employee right violations, and many other fields. Fred Schwartz’s 20+ years of experience ensure you’ll receive aggressive representation and swift justice.

We Fight for You

For aggressive representation in your consumer rights claim, personal injury case, employment or business law cases, or auto accident case, contact the Law Office of Frederick S. Schwartz. We work hard to provide the best legal representation possible and will fight for you. Our office values personalized representation, regardless of the size of the case.

North Hollywood Accident Attorney

if you or a family member has been injured in a car accident, contact our office to receive a free consultation with attorney Fred Schwartz. Let us litigate and settle cases for you, ensuring you receive maximum compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and damages. We’ll negotiate with insurance companies for you, making sure insurance companies don’t take advantage of you.

Free Consultation & Risk-Free Representation

If you live in North Hollywood, or surrounding areas, then email or call our office at (800) 994-4442 to receive a free and confidential consultation. We’ll help value your case and determine a strategy to help ensure you receive the maximum recovery you deserve.

We also believe that we shouldn’t get paid until you get paid. You won’t receive a fee unless you case receives compensation. We fight as a team and when you win, we win.