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At the Law Office of Frederick S. Schwartz, we provide quality representation to those who have been injured in an accident and those whose rights have been violated by others. Our years of experience has given us the skills necessary to litigate your claim and help you receive maximum compensation.

As an Encino consumer justice attorney, we’ll make sure your case is handled seriously and that compensation is fought aggressively for.

Encino Consumer Rights Attorney

We help consumers who have been subject to fraud, victim to deceptive practices, and harmed by illegal actions. Fred Schwartz’s years of experience as an in-house counsel for a large insurance company means he knows how insurance companies operate, and can advocate for clients during negotiation, litigation, and settlement.

We’ll Fight For You

Getting immediate representation in the event of an accident, injury, or other legal claim is essential for maximizing your opportunity to sue for money damages. We provide aggressive legal representation to victims and their families seeking retribution for their injuries.

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Understanding your rights and knowing what steps to take may mean the difference between having no case, or being able to recover from monetary damages. Contact us today for a free consultation with Encino Attorney Fred Schwartz. Our office will help value your case and determine the best course of action, at no cost to you.

Pay Only When You Receive Compensation

Regardless of the size of the claim, we believe that you have a right to justice. We’ll work with you to help maximize your compensation, and if you don’t get paid, either do we.

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