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If you’re been involved in an accident, been a victim of consumer fraud, or had your employee/business rights violated, and are looking for a professional and experienced Attorney for representation, then call our office at (800) 994-4442. Our office will get you the justice you deserve, swiftly and affordably.

Burbank Attorney Fred Schwartz has over 20 years of experience working in consumer law, successfully representing clients and ensuring they receive maximum compensation for each of their cases. Our office will work diligently to provide quality representation, and help reduce the stress of filing a legal claim.

We can Fight for You

We offer the best legal representation possible and can provide you with field experts, investigators, and the best medical assistance. Our office works with our clients, advocating for you and fighting for your rights. Whether your claim involves violations of your consumer rights, personal injury, or an accident, we’ll make sure you get the help you need and the legal representation you deserve.

No Fee Until You Receive Compensation

Our office requires no fee until you receive recovery on your claim. We put our clients first and believe each case is equally important, regardless of the size of the claim. Legal representation is a right of every individual, and financial woes should not interfere with justice.

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Contact our office today and speak directly with Burbank Attorney Fred Schwartz. Fred’s office can be reached by phone at (800) 994-4442 or by email. Let our office help value your case and determine a strategy to help get you the compensation you deserve.