FAQ: What To Do When Your Insurance Company is Acting in Bad Faith?

When you purchase an insurance policy you are entering into a contract between the insurance company and yourself or your company. Both parties are required to follow the insurance policy terms, be truthful, cooperative and act in good faith. In fact, the insurance company cannot put its interests before that of its insureds (i.e you the policyholder) If  you file a valid claim and the insurance company doesn’t cover what it obligated to cover, there may be not only a breach of contract, but a breach of fiduciary duty, ad a breach of good faith and fair dealing. Despite the duties, insurance companies sometimes act in their own interests and try to get out of paying, pay less than they should or unnecessarily delay payment. These are acts of bad faith on the part of the insurance company.

If you feel insurance company isn’t providing the coverage you think you deserve or is not treating you fairly, you need to hire the right lawyers and take legal action.  Don’t be denied fair and proper compensation.

Aside from filing a lawsuit you can also contact the department of insurance (or similar agency) in your state.

California Department of Insurance (Link)